Clinical Setting:

The two most recent mosaics were completed as group projects involving both inpatient and outpatient populations as part of my clinical internships for licensure as a Mental Health Counselor and Art Therapist. The Resilience Through Community Mosaic extended over 4 months involving workshops with staff and clients, psycho-educational development of the role of community in developing resilience and coordinated installation with VA Hospital personnel.  The Welcome Mosaic involved the adolescents at risk in the residential treatment program highlighting the ARC (Attachment, Self-Regulation, Competencies) Model.  Additional examples of facsimilies representative of group and individual treatment integrating the Expressive Arts available upon request.  


Mosaic-5'x4' "Resilience Through Community" Mixed Media Mosaic completed through workshops, inpatient and outpatient and staff participation at VA Hospital over several months for Clinical Internship, Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy.

Detail-hand painted glass sunflowers and ceramic sunflower tiles.

Detail- hand made and painted/glazed caladium leaf tiles.

Detail- Iris, hydrangea, buttercups, ivy ceramic tiles, cut stained glass leaves.

Mixed Media Mosaic, 36"x46".  Constructed Welcome Mosaic for residence foyer with students of RFK Children's Action Corps as part of Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling Internship.

Educational Setting:

Having been a teacher I feel very at home working in collaboration with students, teachers and administrators to design and implement developmentally appropriate art projects, therapeutic interventions and creative curriculum.  Past projects have included a 15' mosaic, memorial garden stone, initiation and implementation of an Art Club, class gifts and fundraisers, all intimately involving the students in every aspect of the project. Examples below include projects completed with elementary school students and classrooms.

Felt painting (Wet Process)/Fiber Art and Workshop with 5th grade classes, 26"x 40".

Mixed Media Collage Painting completed with 5th grade classes for auction fundraiser.

Mixed Media Mosaic, 15'x4'. Led 8th grade students in all aspects of designing, creating and installing their class gift over a six month period.

Detail-mosaic, eagle (mascot), stained glass, smalti, tempered glass and pique asiette.

Splatter Painting, acrylic, 24"x30". First Grade class auction fundraiser.

1. Tree Weaving, felt and mixed materials.  2. Zentangle Art on tile with pen and ink and sharpies.  3. Mini stained glass abstract art.  4. CD Weaving Mandalas.  All four examples of work completed with Art Clubs, grades 3-7.  Designed curriculum and taught 24 children meditative art techniques to reduce anxiety, explore creativity and increase relaxation.

Tile and Mixed Media Mosaic Garden Bench, 48"x 14".  Completed with 3rd grade class.

Textile Paints on Silk Scarf, 56"x 15".  Completed with Preschoolers.


Community Art involves bringing people together to make art or to celebrate a particular group. Much of my community art has involved supporting efforts to raise awareness or funding for our Schools, Community Groups and our local Pan Mass Challenge organization in Bolton.  Each piece attempted to reflect the personality of the community and children.

Felted and Stitched Fiber Art Painting "Poppies" for Hometown Heroes Community Project for Local Veterans, 24"x36".

"Uncommon Apples" Auction fundraiser for town common playground in conjunction with Bolton Conservation Trust.

Front: Mixed media mosaic, glass, tile, slate, ceramic tiles, stone. Back: Acrylic paint, 36"x36".

Mixed Mosaic Tribute Bench with hand-made, fired and glazed mosaic tiles, for memorial garden celebrating the life of fellow classmate.

Textile Paints, Acrylic, on Sneakers for Brendan.  Brendan loved fish and all things aquatic.

Henry's Community Support Flags.  Over 100 friends and families painted prayer/support flags to send a strong message to a wonderful boy and his family during a very difficult time. 

Orchard.  Acrylic Mural, 5'x15'.  This was completed independently in a local community Pediatrician's office.  It depicts the surrounding orchards in the area, stunning views and local children.

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